The supreme openness and flexibility of the Movicon™ architecture makes it the perfect Scada/HMI supervision solution appliable to any sector in the world of automation

SCADA Software

Guaranteeing steady non-stop production process information flow in realtime on an enterprise-wide basis, from plant floor, facilities to business management levels, is the “reali” solution for managing the production process of any modern industrial plant system, all directed at improving efficiency, increasing business with top quality products, client satisfaction and quick returns.
Movicon™ 11.4 can make this happen by offering the best solution that no company can do without. An absolute ‘must have’ for maintaining, developing supervisory control, operator interface and data acquisition software.

The exclusive “XML-Inside” technology is the revolutionary innovation to the Movicon™ 11.4 offering an all-in-one development environment for managing HMI, Scada, Soft-Logic and statistical production data analysis applications. A rich supply of powerful, open, flexible, easy to maintain and very simple-to-use tools are provided to help the user save time in developing.

SCADA Software

Movicon™ 11.4 is the technological evolution of Movicon™ X, the excellence of Scada/HMI platforms, with unsurpassed openness, simplicity and performances. The Movicon™ 11.2 technology is the only one of its kind completely based on the XML standards and emergent technologies such as the Web Services, SVG graphics, SOAP, OPC, SQL, XML, .Net and COM, and the java technology used for Web Client solutions.

SCADA Software

Protect your investments with the most innovative and modern Software technology ever.

Movicon™ 11.4 revolutionizes and gives another meaning to the industrial supervision concepts. Not only does Movicon™ 11.4 provide you with a vast variety of tools for creating powerful visualization and control projects within a few clicks, it also incorporates the most innovative technologies ever to consent your application to easily integrate with the entire world, both in distributing information towards enterprise information management systems (MES, ERP), and distributing information to local or remote Clients across the web. Your system can be accessed safely from any part of the world and with any platform, thanks to the real “Web-enabled” architecture, exploiting java security. Deploying Movicon™ 11.4 will allow you to realize any type of supervision application, be it simple or complex, without compromising anything.

Web-enabled management to/from any where: just one information flow with open and secure multi-system connectivity created with just the one development platform. Movicon™ 11.4 integration is now a reality.

From I/O control to local HMI, from supervision Scada to Analysis Systems for managing and optimizing productivity, from systems to notify or page on-call duty personnel by remote control.

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SCADA Software

Movicon 11: the first and the only Scada/HMI platform completely based on XML and Web Services technologies, from Windows Vista to Windows CE

Main Features of Movicon 11.4

  • Scalability. Movicon™ 11.4 is an all-in-one software platform from Windows™ CE to Windows™ Vista. What is so special about Movicon ™11.4 is that you only need to have the one platform in your company to use for micro applications in HMI terminals or /and medium and big applications for manufacturing plants.
  • Openness. Movicon™ 11.4 is completely based on XML. Projects are simple XML files, which can also be opened and edited with other Editors. This platform is always open to integration and customization with the world of Windows™ applications. Projects can be grouped in hierarchical structures and distributed or shared.
  • Security. Movicon™ 11.4 guarantees the maximum data security. Projects, even though based on XML, can be encrypted with 128 bit coding algorithms. The FDA CFR21 Part 11.2 normative is completely integrated in the platform, making it extremely simple to create FDA ready applications. The User Password manager guarantees access security by level and/or area. The Visual Source Safe integration guarantees that all your work is kept safe.
  • Standards. Movicon™ 11.4 is completely based on standard technologies, making sure that your investments are well safeguarded. The XML, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SOAP, Web Services, TCP-IP and SQL technologies have been integrated in the platform to guarantee easy data access and transparency.
  • Performances. Movicon™ 11.2 has enhanced performances by renewing its concept of the “exception-based” technology and graphics engine based on SVG (Scalable Vectorial Graphics).
  • Connectivity. Movicon™ 11.4 has implemented a new generation of communication drivers. These drivers include functionalities such as the automatic Tag importer, remote connectivity via modem, multi-station concept for point-to-point protocols, the bridging concept for teleservices in PLCs, immediate cable testing. These drivers guarantee full configurability and possibility to communicate on event with custom VBA logic as well. In addition to the free and included driver library, Movicon™ 11.4 provides you with total connectivity via OPC Da, with both the OPC DA and OPC XML DA technologies, and both as Client and Server.
  • Very Efficient Networking. Movicon™ 11.4 strengthens the already advaced Networking technology of Movicon, with further enhanced efficiency and performances based on emergent and multiplatform technologies such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and SOA (Service Oriented Application). The Movicon ™ project can be Server and Client indifferently. Client projects can be distributed and run locally on the client while also residing on the central server. Further to this, the Movicon™ networking can be applied to any business network integration according to network administrator requirements: in addition to TCP-IP, the UDP and HTTP protocols are also supported. The networking feature automatically manages remote connections via RAS. Movicon™ 11.4 integrates the Web Services technology, consenting information distribution support to public networks (over the internet) with security provided by the adopted “Firewall-friendly” technologies.
  • Web-enabled Architecture. Movicon™ 11.4 has renewed its Web Client technology. Its now innovative architecture, based on JAVA (which integrates well with the XML, SVG, Web Services technologies), consents server access using internet browsers in any platform (Windows™, Linux, Palm, PocketPC and Javaphones telephones thanks to J2ME). Multiuser , bidirectionality, performances and security are also guaranteed to help costs and maintenance reductions. Servers can be both Windows™ Vista/XP and Windows™ CE.
  • SoftLogic IEC 61131-3. Movicon™ 11.4 integrates the Logicon SoftPLC to guarantee a one-only programming environment whether on the SCADA/HMI side or SoftPLC side. This integration consents you to synchronize just the one Tag DB with just the one editor, saving you time in developing while enhancing potentiality significantly. The SoftLogic provides you with a powerful programming environment with the 5 IEC1131 languages, powerful debug and documentation functions, and a real-time runtime, for both Win32 and WinCE.