Motor Control Centres

We offer a range of multi – compartment motor control centers which can be fully type tested assemblies. Custom design and manufacture of wardrobe and multi – compartment type motor starter panels are available. Familiarity with lots of variant expectations enables a prompt response to your reservation. Outline general arrangement drawings available upon asking.

We will conduct a complete once-over of existing systems, taking consideration of the existing and later needs of the equipment. We can easily integrate existing features or revise as required, and can work areas which involve complex access.

Motor control centres are designed to suit your building and its systems and will incorporate any but not necessarily equal limited to these end features:

  • Local or remote manual or automatic controls
  • 600A to 3200A Busbar system. Flash tested up to 1500V.
  • Cabling entry and access to suit the system
  • Controls and instrumentation tailored to provide the information you need
  • Compartment based starters and distribution MCCB’s.
  • Wardrobe Style and Wall Mount Distribution and control panels.
  • Type tested assembly to EN 60 439 pt 1.
  • Varity of construction methods, huge panels made to fit through a standard door for ease of installation
  • Paint finish Standard RAL7032/7035 Grey or special finish upon request.